Tuesday, November 24, 2009

20 Little Attitudes
 of Gratitude

  1. Mind your manners. Say please, thank you and excuse me.
  2. Smile when you see your family. Turn your frown upside down.
  3. Pick up after yourself and for someone else too. Be happy you have someone to pick up after!
  4. Notice when others do kind things for you, show gratitude by action or words.
  5. Say I love you before you leave in the morning and before bed at night.
  6. Give hugs daily.
  7. Don't worry about tomorrow. Focus on what you are happy about today.
  8. Create gratitude journals to keep track of daily blessings.
  9. Show thankfulness for even the little things others do for you.
  10. Leave love notes in unexpected places like lunch boxes and under pillows.
  11. Encourage someone with a compliment.
  12. Verbalize what you are grateful for when you feel like complaining about life.
  13. Keep a basket of small slips of paper on the table. Write notes of thankfulness during the week and read them to each other during a family meal.
  14. Remember to thank God for blessings each day.
  15. Surprise your family (or friends) with little gifts or treats to show you thought of them.
  16. No grumbling about minor annoyances around the house.
  17. Do special things to cherish time with your family. You never know what tomorrow will bring.
  18. Reflect on happy memories regularly. Make inspiration boards or photo walls of special times.
  19. Help someone out without them having to ask you. Watch for someone in need.
  20. When you are doing household chores, be grateful you have a home to clean.

I found this list at (In)Courage a wonderful website to encourage women in there daily walk with Christ. I love this list and would like to put each one of them into practice.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Under The Weather

This little munchkin has been sick.
First time in her little life.
We've been to the doctor.
Just a virus that has to run it's course.

I Heart Daylight Savings

I big puffy heart daylight savings.
It allows me to get up in the early morning and go for a walk.
It's the time when the moon and the sun meet.
And all the little people are still tucked away asleep.
I walk and pray and begin to process my day.
It relieves stress.
It's my quiet time.

Of course, I'm never completely alone!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Favorite Fall Breakfast

A little butter
Brown Sugar

Halloween Pics

Lulu was a Pumpkin Princess.
I made this tutu for her to wear.
She had a lot of fun and caught on quickly that it was
all about the candy.
She wouldn't let me hold her candy bucket for anything!

Sky was Worshack.
I know I'm spelling it wrong.
It's a super hero character.

We went to some festivities before we went
trick or treating.

After trick or treating we went to McDonalds.
The older kids divided up their candy.

It was a fun night.
I debated wether we should even go because ofthe H1N1 scare.
But, we ended up going and having a good time.