Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Here's some highlights from our Christmas morning.

Lulu got a Sit n Spin.

That little tea set in the corner kept Lulu busy for hours.
She'll pretend to pour the tea into each cup and pass out cupcakes.

A baby stroller and glow worm baby!

Skylund loved this sign for his door.
I can never find anything that has Sky's unusual name.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Davis!

Lulu right away put her new hat and scarf on.

Sky enjoying a cup of Christmas cheer!

This made it a little difficult to set the table for our Christmas dinner.
Every time I turned my back this is where Lulu would be!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
We woke up to a white Christmas, which was awesome
but very cold!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Classic Santa Picture

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Remember these Joe?

I love our Christmas tree.
Five years ago, when I moved here to the Ozarks from California,
I sold everything I owned and just kept what I could put
in my little KIA Rio.
One of the things I kept was my box of Christmas tree ornaments.
My ornaments are an eclectic collection containing ones
from my childhood to the present day with
my children.
Each one has a special meaning.
Some come from a special place.
Some homemade from a special time.
Remember these Joe?

You were ten and Sky was four.
I put a big blanket on the living room floor, a bucket of beads,
and lots of sparkly pipe cleaners.
Put some Christmas movies in the VCR.
And you two were entertained for hours.
Hours of being creative.
Making new patterns.
Designing new sparkly rings for the Christmas tree.
There was no bickering, fighting, throwing, hitting.
Just hours of creativeness.
It's one of my favorite memories.
And every time I put these on the tree
it brings that memory back.
That's why I love our tree.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Tree

Our tree is in the playpen.
It's to guard little hands from pulling the whole thing down among other things.
And, yes.
That's a life size Santa that can sing and dance.
It even has a microphone so you can sing along.
What can I say? We're redneck!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

20 Little Attitudes
 of Gratitude

  1. Mind your manners. Say please, thank you and excuse me.
  2. Smile when you see your family. Turn your frown upside down.
  3. Pick up after yourself and for someone else too. Be happy you have someone to pick up after!
  4. Notice when others do kind things for you, show gratitude by action or words.
  5. Say I love you before you leave in the morning and before bed at night.
  6. Give hugs daily.
  7. Don't worry about tomorrow. Focus on what you are happy about today.
  8. Create gratitude journals to keep track of daily blessings.
  9. Show thankfulness for even the little things others do for you.
  10. Leave love notes in unexpected places like lunch boxes and under pillows.
  11. Encourage someone with a compliment.
  12. Verbalize what you are grateful for when you feel like complaining about life.
  13. Keep a basket of small slips of paper on the table. Write notes of thankfulness during the week and read them to each other during a family meal.
  14. Remember to thank God for blessings each day.
  15. Surprise your family (or friends) with little gifts or treats to show you thought of them.
  16. No grumbling about minor annoyances around the house.
  17. Do special things to cherish time with your family. You never know what tomorrow will bring.
  18. Reflect on happy memories regularly. Make inspiration boards or photo walls of special times.
  19. Help someone out without them having to ask you. Watch for someone in need.
  20. When you are doing household chores, be grateful you have a home to clean.

I found this list at (In)Courage a wonderful website to encourage women in there daily walk with Christ. I love this list and would like to put each one of them into practice.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Under The Weather

This little munchkin has been sick.
First time in her little life.
We've been to the doctor.
Just a virus that has to run it's course.

I Heart Daylight Savings

I big puffy heart daylight savings.
It allows me to get up in the early morning and go for a walk.
It's the time when the moon and the sun meet.
And all the little people are still tucked away asleep.
I walk and pray and begin to process my day.
It relieves stress.
It's my quiet time.

Of course, I'm never completely alone!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Favorite Fall Breakfast

A little butter
Brown Sugar

Halloween Pics

Lulu was a Pumpkin Princess.
I made this tutu for her to wear.
She had a lot of fun and caught on quickly that it was
all about the candy.
She wouldn't let me hold her candy bucket for anything!

Sky was Worshack.
I know I'm spelling it wrong.
It's a super hero character.

We went to some festivities before we went
trick or treating.

After trick or treating we went to McDonalds.
The older kids divided up their candy.

It was a fun night.
I debated wether we should even go because ofthe H1N1 scare.
But, we ended up going and having a good time.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Loving Autumn

Being from Southern California the four seasons was something I never experienced until I moved here to the Ozarks.
Now, one of my favorite things here is Fall.
Fall is so beautiful with all the brilliant colors.
Here is a peek into our backyard.

Kevin planted this tree about ten years ago from just a little sapling. It's a red maple and this is the first year it's ever changed colors. Usually the leaves just dry up. turn brown, and fall off. I love it. It's right outside the front door and the first thing I see when I drive up.
Although, I don't know why the leaves aren't red?

Song Flute Concert

Sky is in band
and before you are given a "real instrument"
you have to master the song flute.
We went to his song flute concert and it was really quite good.
Who knew a small plastic instrument could be so musical especially
with 120 children playing it at the same time.

They played around twenty songs but it went by quickly.
The following week the kids were tested to see what instrument
they would be best suited for.
The children also got to put in a request of which
instrument they would like to play.
Sky was assigned to one of his requests.

A trumpet!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Belt for Sky

Sky tested for his gold belt this weekend in MMA
and did an awesome job!

Fun With the In-Laws

Kevin's parents came for a visit last week. We had such a good time with them.
Thanks for all the fun and gifts.
We really enjoyed your visit!
Isn't this a good picture of them?
We went to one of my favorite spots to take some pictures.
(ignore the drain pipe in the background)

Sky wanted the perfect picture of him in mid air.
I think this one turned out pretty cool.

Pensive Sky!

Here is Lulu, tired of taking pictures, just wanting
to eat her cookie in peace!

I love this picture.

Hope you all had a great weekend.
The scrappy flower Lulu has on her hat
is now available in my shop.
Only $4.00!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Son Went Back

I found your note last night.

"Hello mother- just cuz I'm not here
doesn't mean I can't still bother you on this late night
while everyone is asleep and your making flowers.
Just kidding. Love you. Miss you. Joe"

I found it last night. While everyone was asleep and I was making flowers.
The flood gates opened. I miss you so much Joe.
I've missed you every minute since the day you left.
I wish you would have stayed.
But, I know this country life isn't for you.
There is so much I wanted to tell you while you were here.
But I didn't.
Like how very, very proud I am of you.
How much of a good big brother you are.
You are so polite with such good manners.
You make such a good impression when you meet someone.
You have a quick, witty sense of humor that is always making me

You are as fierce as a lion...

But gentle as a lamb!
And, you are smart Joe.
Very, very smart.
There is so much more.
We ALL miss you!
I love you Joe.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lulu Get's a Tutu and Catches a Kitty

I made Lulu a tutu. Layers and layers of shimmery, swooshy, pink and green tulle.
See her little crown?
I made that too.
Because she's a princess.

She's a princess even when she does this.
See her purse.
She has her purse wherever she goes. She won't leave without it.
Right now she's on a kitty hunt. She wants to catch her kitty Henrick.
Almost, almost...

Next time!

Where did he go?

There he is!

He's mine now!