Monday, February 28, 2011

Five Months

Have five months gone by already?
You know what the doctor said at your four month check-up?
He said, your intelligence is like a six month old.
But I already knew that.
I knew that you were advanced.
Isn't it amazing, considering what the blood tests showed when I was pregnant with you.
I knew it though. Deep down, I knew you were going to be okay.
But, if it wasn't just perfect, like you are.
I would love you so much, forever and always, every single minute of the day.
Just like I do now.
You are my blessing Maddie Mae!
You started eating rice cereal this month.
You could take it or leave it.
I love to hear your laugh.
The only time I hear you laugh when you are not being lightly tickled is at your sissy.
The other day we went to the park and you laughed and laughed at sissy in the swing.
You just thought it was so funny watching her go back and forth.
Sometimes I see her quietly talking and playing with you and I see you giggle and smile.
She's the only one that can make you do this.
And it makes my heart sing.
You love your Jumperoo.
We put a pillow underneath your feet because you can't quite touch the floor yet.
And you just jump and jump and jump.
It's precious.
Your my blessing Maddie Mae!


Regina Carmanita said...

waa your baby is so cute! congrats for her 5 months! ><