Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Hundred Snowmen

I wanted to post these pictures before spring and I didn't quite make it.
So here is my last winter post on the first day of spring.
We had one beautiful sunshiny day with the perfect consistency of snow to make
a hundred snowmen.
And that is what we did.

Lily LOVED making this snowman. It's her first real snowman and everyone helped make it.

Of course we had to have some snowball fights!

Jonas had this AWESOME idea of building a snow skateboard ramp.
The boys took off the wheels of their skateboards and "skated" down.
It provided many hours of snow fun.

Lily went down it as a slide and loved it!

Sky did some cool jumps!

Daddy made some snow dolls for Lily.

And the day ended with making a huge Gulliver's travel type snowman with 99 tiny little snowmen all around. This was a group effort and everyone (except me and Maddie) worked hard on this until dark.
Lily helped make many of the tiny snowmen and she worked really hard and stayed so focused on it until they were all done.

Can you believe this was all made in one day?
Sky came in and said, "I never knew playing in the snow could be so much fun."
It was a good day!