Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well, another month has gone by and my sweet baby bumpkin is seven months!
I love these two girls!
A lot!

This is one of my favorite pictures.
Look how she's holding the toy with her feet.
Now that's talent!

I just got one with a smile
Maddie is now saying mamamama and I just know she is calling my name.
So we'll say "mama" is her first word.
She also loves food and when anyone is eating anything around her she stares at the food.
She just started crawling, Easter weekend, finally figuring out how to get that tummy off the ground.

My wonderful in-laws came to spend Easter with us.
It's always so nice when they come to visit.
And, it's nice to spend holidays with family.

Good times dyeing Easter eggs.

This is all the Easter loot the kids got!
It almost looks like it could be Christmas.
Grandma and Grandpa spoil!

No, this isn't a new type of discipline. That would be too easy. This is the kennel grandparents brought for their dog to stay in while visiting. Lillie however, decided to take it over as her new playroom.

At least, we knew where she was!