Friday, January 8, 2010


Good Morning!
I hope everyone is doing well!
have been snowed in for the last five days!
Not really trapped, but can't really go anywhere.
School has been closed all week.
Sky did go to a friends house and sled in the snow all day.
He came home at six and went straight to bed. He didn't get up the next morning until
9:00AM. He had that much fun!

Does this look like fun?
Maybe it does if your in Southern California.
Like my entire family!
But I'm starting to get cabin fever!

It doesn't really look like a whole lot of snow when you look at the pictures.
But it feels like a lot.
It feels like we're buried in it!

Happy Birthday Bobby!
35 years!
Did you know 35 years ago I woke up and my pet parakeet, Chipper, was dead?
Just lying there in the cage, dead as can be, and I started crying.
Pam, my mother's friend, came in and said "don't cry, it will be okay, you have a new baby brother"!!!
I guess the trade off was okay!

I'm so proud of you Bobby and all that you've accomplished!
You've done a lot and overcame a lot.
Your inspirational!
And there are still so many good things ahead!
Love you!