Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Recap

I hope everyone had happy holidays!
We had a fabulous Christmas and New Years here in the Ozarks!
And now it's snowing beautiful white blankets of snow.
It was supposed to be just an inch but I've counted three so far!
Thank goodness Lulu got this adorable hat and scarf from
Grandma and Grandpa Davis.
She's also wearing the coat you got her a while back.
So she's all set!

Kevin got me a new set of dishes for Christmas and I just
love them!
They are huge!
And square!
And red!

The dinner plate is the size of a platter.
I served Christmas dinner on them and it was the first time
I've never seen Kevin not go back for seconds.

And look at this coffee mug!
Now that's a cup of coffee!

I really do love them!
Thanks sweetie!