Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Here's some highlights from our Christmas morning.

Lulu got a Sit n Spin.

That little tea set in the corner kept Lulu busy for hours.
She'll pretend to pour the tea into each cup and pass out cupcakes.

A baby stroller and glow worm baby!

Skylund loved this sign for his door.
I can never find anything that has Sky's unusual name.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Davis!

Lulu right away put her new hat and scarf on.

Sky enjoying a cup of Christmas cheer!

This made it a little difficult to set the table for our Christmas dinner.
Every time I turned my back this is where Lulu would be!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
We woke up to a white Christmas, which was awesome
but very cold!


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog via Centsational Girl. I really enjoy reading your posts, for some reason I feel like we're kindred spirits. And then, I noticed all the US Mail shipping boxes in your Christmas pictures, and I like to peed my pants! I did the same thing this year. A couple of nights before Christmas, I finally decided to wrap everything and put them under the tree. I had everything drug out into the living room, covering the floor, when I realized I didn't have any boxes, ugh! Thankfully, the hubs reminded me of the millions of shipping boxes I had upstairs. Perfect. I'm glad to see someone else had the same crazy idea! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha lily is geting so big.. you all look so happy and thats reat congrants agin on you knew baby i miss every one of you so much even you puggzy lol hope you all stay the same ....................................................................lots of love your son Joe ;]